Sans Cream Soda

  A carbonated, sweet, low calorie, sugar-free, non-alcoholic creamy tasting soda drink, sweetened with protein sweetener friendly to the body and sweeter than Sugar. It is available in 50cl PET and 33cl Aluminum Can; the product is best served chilled. If It’s Not SANS Cream Soda, It Can’t Be The Same As SANS Cream Soda Find out more

Vitacee Syrup & Drops

Nutritional supplement commonly used for the prevention and treatment of vitamin C deficiency in infants and children. Available in 15ml and 100 ml packs.

Phardol Drops

Phardol Drops is Pharma Deko brand of paracetamol, used for the treatment of aches, pains and fever in babies.

Pharmadec Syrup & Drops

It belongs to group of drugs called multivitamins. It is specifically formulated for growing children and adults, which is indicated for multivitamin deficiencies. It is available in 15ml, and 100ml packs.

Brett Mouthwash

An oral care product formulated with antiseptic and antiplague properties to combat dental plague, bad breath and residual smell of spicy foods, alcohol and tobacco. Brett is available in 2 variants, BRETT MINTY and BRETT GOLD. Brett Minty is formulated with a minty taste and is moderately mild, while Brett Gold is slightly harsh and recommended for smokers. Fight Germs, Mouth Odour and Give All Days Freshness Find out more


A prescription anti bacterial, antifungal oral care medication with astringent, deodorant and antiplaque effects

Parkalin Chesty

An expectorant cough syrup. Relieves cough and its congestive symptoms, the preparation which loosens tenacious bronchial mucus. It reduces both bronchial and nasal congestion and provides soothing relief for the congestive symptoms.

Parkalin Dry Cough

A cough preparation fortified with Codeine. For the relief of cough especially useful for dry irritating cough.

Parkaling Pediatrics

A palatable pediatrics preparation for fast relief of cough in children.

Revitone Blood Tonic

Is fortified with iron, containing Thiamin, Riboflavin and Cyanocobalamine used for blood enrichment and building after suffering anaemia and other blood sapping ailments.

Salins Liniment

A brand of methylsalicylate in a liquid dosage form and is intended for external use, its deep penetration properties aids in the relief of arthritic pain, aches and other muscular pains


Formulated for the fast relief of heart burn, indigestion and gastric acid hyperacidity.


Contain 20mg omeprazole. A first generation proton-pump inhibitor which reduces gastric acid up to 95% in ulcer patients.


A brand of co-trimoxazole with a broad spectrum antibacterial effect and use in the treatment of various kinds of infection in children and adults. Available in tablets and suspension

Bien Flavoured Drink

carbonated, sugar-free, low calorie, non-alcoholic, fruity tasting flavoured drink; sweetened with protein sweetener friendly to the body and sweeter than Sugar. It is available in 50cl PET with three flavours; Apple, Peach, and Banana-Lime. The product is best served chilled. Enjoy The Refreshing Taste of Fruity Flavour